Saturday, October 29, 2011

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***Are You Not Tired Of Being Offline Just Because You Run Out Of Data?
***Are You Not Tired Of Paying For Bundle Plan?
***Are You Not Tired Of The Limited Data Given To You By all This self Centered Service
***If You Are Tired Of All these,Then Read On As I Unveil My NEW Secrets OF FREE BROWSING Method That Keeps Me Online for 24 Hours None Stop!!!
Here Is The Free Browsing Tricks I have Been Talking About!!!
For Over 2 Months Now I have Constantly Been Reading and Researching On The Latest And Fastest Way In Which Nigeria Can Browse The Internet Without Paying A Dime And Finally I broke The Yoke I have Finally Gotten The Unlimited Free Browsing Tricks!!!
Its works on GLO Nigeria !!! So are You Ready To Join Me?
Am Ready To Reveal All This Secrets To You And You Will Never Pay A Dime On Date
Take For Instance look at how These So called Network Providers Charges Their customers On Data. For MTN 150MB - Expires in 24 hours - N500 100MB - expires in 30 days - N1000 1GB - expires in 30 days - N5000 3GB - expires in 30 days - N10,000 Can You See How These Telecommunication Network Charges Their Customers?
So Here Is How These Amazing Free Browsing Tricks Works?
It is simple, all you have to do to use this is to get yourself a USB modem and a SIM card of one of the telecommunication companies (you will know the exact one to use after getting this) I think a new SIM card sells for just N150 or so. Once you have the SIM and the USB modem, all you have to do is to press in the codes that you are about to get and BRAVO you Are On The Internet 247 None Stop.
Is It Only On Usb Modem That This Amazing Free Browsing Works?******************************************************************************
Well, No You Can Use Pc Suite If You Don't Have Modem Or Better Still Am Going To Provide You With Joiku Spot Premium Which Will Automatically Turn Your Mobile Phone Into (Mobile Hot Spot) Making It 100% possible To Share Your Internet Connection With More Than 20 Persons At A time!!! Amazing Isn't It?
For How Long Is These Free Browsing Going To Last?
Sincerely, I don't think this has an expiry date once you are able to maximize it because this stuff is built into the system of the telecommunication company that supplies it. That means for it to expire, they are going to have to tear down all their systems and re-build it which is not going to happen. So, it will last for a long time.
Do I need any other software to Browse Free?
No you don't need any software. All you have to is to enter the code that am giving to you in the appropriate place which i will explain and you are connected instantly.
Can I Download With This Amazing Free Browsing?
You can download virtually anything from heavy movies to mp3s to ebooks etc and you can access any website with it.
How Many Networks Can This Tricks Work with?
This Free Browsing SySteM works only on GLO NIGERIA Provided That You Have Gprs Network In Your Area, You are On Top Already!!!
What If These Tricks Did Not Work?
Well, the only reason why this won't work is if you are trying to use it outside Nigeria. That is the ONLY exception.
But YET, if you get this and you contact us to complain that it is NOT working, we would definitely KNOW that you are a LIAR but then, we would still refund your money and consider it a mistake that we gave you access to the information. You Completely Have Nothing To Loose!!!
How Much Does It Costs?
I am Happy to Tell You That this GLO Free Browsing Technique Costs NO MONEY. All you need to do is just to ENTER YOUR NAME and EMAIL to DOWNLOAD the Free Browsing Technique which i put in a word format.
Am Committed to see you rich....
2go username: dgr8cali